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ePubReader is an easy-to-use, FAST, FREE class library for opening and reading EPUB files.

Images, styles and Table Of Contents (TOC) are all supported.

To open epub file DotNetZip libary ( is used.

The library written in C# 4.0

Example Usage:
//Init epub object.
Epub epub = new Epub(@"c:\example.epub");

//Get book title (Every epub file can have multiple titles)
string title = epub.Title[0];

//Get book authors (Every epub file can have multiple authors)
string author = epub.Creator[0];

//Get all book content as plain text
string plainText = epub.GetContentAsPlainText();

//Get all book content as html text
string htmlText = epub.GetContentAsHtml();

//Get some part of book content
ContentData contentData = epub.Content[0] as ContentData;

//Get Table Of Contents (TOC)
List<NavPoint> navPoints = epub.TOC;

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